From its smart size to its sculpted character lines, every element of the first-ever Lexus compact crossover is an embodiment of the city itself. Engineered to fit in, yet designed to stand out, The 2020 Lexus UX excels even in the tightest spaces. Compact enough to maneuver around narrow streets and nimble enough to impress whether parking or driving, it also has ample cargo and cabin space to fit everything and everyone you'll want to take on your next weekend adventure. 
With multiple models - including the head-turning UX 200 and powerful UX 250h - plus Luxury and F Sport versions of both - the first-ever Lexus UX surpasses expectations at every turn.

  • UX 200: Starting MSRP2  of $32,300  -  33 Combined MPG estimate3
  • UX 200 Luxury: Starting MSRP2  of $37,500  -  33 Combined MPG estimate3
  • UX 250 Hybrid: Starting MSRP2 of $34,500  -  39 Combined MPG estimate4
  • UX 250 Hybrid Luxury: Starting MSRP2  of $39,700  -  39 Combined MPG estimate4
  • UX 200 F Sport: Starting MSRP2  of $34,300  -  33 Combined MPG estimate3
  • UX 250 F Sport Hybrid: Starting MSRP2 of $36,500  -  39 Combined MPG estimate4
See below for a sampling of the many features that make the 2020 Lexus UX so exceptional. 

  • LED Illumination: The UX elevates illumination to an art form with bold triple-beam LED headlamps and aerodynamic taillamps.
  • Driver-Inspired Interior: Every aspect of this first-of-its-kind crossover was crafted to anticipate the driver's every need.
  • F Sport Performance: Exclusive F Sport features take agile performance to the next level.
  • Contemporary Craftsmanship: Provocative details and cutting-edge artistry come together in a crossover designed for the modern pioneer.
  • Unprecedented Connectivity: With innovations like Apple CarPlay®5  compatibility, the Lexus UX delivers connectivity that anticipates your every need.
  • Innovative Versatility: From available onboard Wi-Fi™ and remote smartwatch functionality to concierge access and emergency assistance, this is Lexus's most sophisticated connectivity suite yet.
  • Category-Leading Efficiency6 With an unprecedented 39-MPG combined estimate4, the Lexus UX 250h helps you get the most out of every mile.
  • Class-Leading Turning Radius: With a best-in-class7 turning radius of 17.1 ft and specially tuned suspension, the UX performs as well in tight spaces as it does on the open road.
  • Lexus Complete Lease: With lease, maintenance, insurance, and more covered in one simple monthly payment, the UX introduces an entirely new way to lease a Lexus.


From new low-light pedestrian detection and daytime bicyclist detection technology to a built-in camera that helps provide road sign information, the Lexus Safety System+ 2.08 suite of class-leading active safety equipment7 is the most comprehensive safety system ever offered in a Lexus. And it comes standard on all UX models. See below for details.

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection - By enhancing the radar and camera capabilities, it's now possible for the system8 to help detect not only the vehicle ahead, but also a preceding bicyclist in daytime and even a preceding pedestrian in daytime and low-light conditions9. Should it detect a potential frontal collision, it can help automatically brake the vehicle to a stop.

Lane Tracing Assist - When All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control10 is enabled, this hands-on system11 monitors visible lane markings or the path of the preceding vehicle to help the driver keep their vehicle centered in the lane by providing steering assistance. Designed for added convenience and to help reduce driver strain, the system can even be used in traffic and on highways with gradual curves.

Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist - This system12 utilizes a camera to monitor visible lane markings. If an inadvertent lane departure is detected at speeds above 32 mph, the system is designed to warn you so that you can steer back into the lane, and can even take slight corrective measures to help keep you within your visibly marked lane.

Road Sign Assist -  This system13 uses a built-in camera to help provide road sign information in the instrument panel or even on the available Head-Up Display. In addition to displaying speed limit information, the system can alert you of Do Not Enter, Yield, and Stop signs you otherwise might have missed.
All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control - This system14 uses radar and camera technology to help you maintain a preset speed and following distance from the vehicle ahead. Whether at highway speeds or in stop-and-go traffic, the system is designed to detect if you get closer than the preset distance and automatically slow your vehicle - even to a complete stop. If driving at highway speeds and the road ahead clears, your Lexus returns to its preset speed.

Intelligent High Beams - To help provide greater visibility for you as well as other drivers, Intelligent High Beams15  offer added illumination to help keep you focused on the road. When the road ahead is clear, the system defaults to high-beam mode, then temporarily switches to low beams when it detects the headlamps or taillamps of vehicles ahead.



With available world-first predictive technology16you'll spend less time fueling your tank and more time fueling your curiosity. Freeway on-ramps, steep hills, narrow one-way streets. Offered exclusively in the nimble US 250h, Predictive Efficient Drive17 learns your driving patterns and adapts to your commute for optimal efficiency. This advanced system is the first in the world16 to sync with available Navigation18 to automatically determine when to rely on battery power alone to conserve fuel and when to recharge the battery, seamlessly switching between the two power sources. 

So what does it do, exactly? It Learns: The system learns that you frequently stop at a certain intersection. When you release the gas, it increases regenerative braking to recharge the hybrid battery. It Conserves: During downhill stretches, the system uses battery power alone to conserve fuel. It Adapts: For optimal efficiency when driving uphill, the system can switch to electric power to conserve fuel and utilize more of the hybrid battery, knowing it will be replenished on the way down. And it Anticipates: Using navigation data, the system can detect congestion ahead and proactively charge the hybrid battery in order to reduce engine starts once you're in traffic, creating a smoother drive and optimizing fuel efficiency.

Technology isn't just something you use. It's always with you. Which is why the UX offers innovation that blurs the line between driver and vehicle. Now you can start your engine remotely19 with your smartwatch, or start your favorite podcast in your kitchen and finish it on your drive to work with Amazon Alexa20 compatibility. Apple CarPlay5integration allows you to access the same familiar interface from your iPhone®21  on the multimedia display to send and receive messages and enjoy your favorite third-party apps like Waze and Google Maps22.. And for added convenience, an available 10.3-inch high-resolution split-screen multimedia display - the largest in its class16  - provides immediate, simultaneous access to Lexus Enform23  apps, Navigation18  and more. 

Lexus of New Orleans is excited to offer The New 2020 Lexus UX to our customers in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more, head on over to Our Dealership, give us a call at (504) 207-3100, or Schedule a Test Drive today. Any of our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to help you find the 2020 Lexus UX that's right for you.

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